It’s a fact - The use of foreign oil, in particular Middle Eastern oil, funds terrorist organizations.  Everyday millions of Americans and American companies, send money to terrorists who wish to harm us and our troops in the field in the Middle East.

Ask yourself one simple question.  How can I or my company claim to support our military and our national security efforts while funding, through the purchase of Middle Eastern oil, the very terrorist groups who want to do us and our troops harm ? 

How can anyone claim to support America and then turn around and provide the weapons and other resources for America’s enemies?

You maybe thinking, “I don’t support terrorism because I already use Mobil 1, Castrol, Pennzoil, Valvoline, Havoline, Quaker State or some other synthetic oil, so I’m doing my part.”  Well, you’re not!  Most, if not all, of those companies, especially ExxonMobil, support terrorism through their purchases of VAST AMOUNTS OF MIDDLE EASTERN OIL for use in their other products!!  By spending your hard earned dollars with those companies you are supporting terrorism because you are supporting that company and that company supports terrorism through their oil purchases!

One non-terror related point to ponder:  ExxonMobil announced record earnings of more than $36 BILLION for 2006.  That’s the most PROFIT, ever recorded by any corporation regardless of industry!  They achieved these record profits while charging you and me $3 a gallon for gasoline!  They try to justify high gasoline prices by saying that they are due to the high price of a barrel of oil!  Common sense tells us that higher component costs for a manufacturer of a product does not lead to increased profits for that manufacturer UNLESS they are raising their prices far more than the amount necessary to offset their increased component costs.  If you’re using ANY ExxonMobil product, you’ve made their enormous profits possible.  I hope they at least sent you a “thank you” card, because you made it possible!!

Regardless of whether you ever use an AMSOIL product or not, PLEASE STOP BUYING ExxonMobil PRODUCTS!  They are the world’s largest oil company and they set the price of a gallon of gasoline in America.  The ONLY way to compel them to set a more fair price for gasoline is to stop purchasing their products until they lower those prices to a more reasonable level.

Now back to the issue of ending your support of terrorist organizations.

AMSOIL products are 100% AMERICAN MADE and CONTAIN NO FOREIGN OIL, period!!

You may be thinking, “What can we do?  We must have fuel and oil to operate our vehicles, equipment, etc.”

There are at least two VERY SIMPLE ways that average Americans like you and me can fight terrorism.  Reduce our dependence on foreign oil by using products THAT CONTAIN NO MIDDLE EASTERN OIL and lower our fuel consumption and/or buy fuel that is not made from Middle Eastern oil!

AMSOIL products CONTAIN NO FOREIGN OIL.  Thus the use of AMSOIL reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Also, the use of AMSOIL products result in INCREASED FUEL MILEAGE in most applications.

So, not only does the use of AMSOIL reduce our dependence on foreign oil by replacing petroleum based oils in our engines, the reduced friction achieved through the use of AMSOIL products makes our vehicles/equipment, etc. more fuel efficient in most cases.

Our President, regardless of whether you believe in his policies or not, has asked us all to do something that I think makes sense for everyone regardless of our political stripes -- Lower our dependence on oil, foreign and otherwise.  The President’s goal is for the United States to lower our dependence on foreign oil by 20% over the next 10 years.  They’re calling it the 20-10 initiative. 

5% of that 20% reduction is to come from better fuel efficiency, etc.  He talked about increasing the fuel mileage requirements on new vehicles in order to achieve this goal.  But what about all the vehicles that are on the road now?  There’s no way we can all afford to go out and replace all of our vehicles with ones that meet the new standards.

But there is something that we can do TODAY -- Start Using AMSOIL TODAY!

AMSOIL products have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by an average of 8.2%!

So, by simply switching to AMSOIL, chances are VERY GOOD that you’ll have done your part by increasing your fuel efficiency by at least 5%.

Another thing that we can do is use fuel made from oil that does not come from sources that have been shown to support terrorism.  That’s what the Terror Free Oil Initiative and the Terror Free Energy Coalition is all about.

Additionally if you operate a diesel vehicle or piece of equipment, use BIODIESEL.  Those of you who drive vehicles with diesel engines can reduce your contribution to terrorism to ZERO through the use of the combination of AMSOIL products and BIO-DIESEL fuel!

For a list of fuel sources that DO and DO NOT support terrorism, please visit this link and try to buy your fuel from fuel companies that do not support terrorism.

Visit BIODIESEL.ORG, the official site for the National Biodiesel Board for more information on this exciting fuel source. Support AMERICAN FARMERS not FOREIGN TERRORISTS!!


Fight Terrorism!

Follow this link for more information on how AMSOIL reduces our dependence on foreign oil!




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