AMSOIL saves you money in a variety of ways, here are three!

  1. Increased Fuel Mileage!  AMSOIL products have been shown to lower fuel consumption by an average of 8.2%!
  2. Fewer Oil Changes!  AMSOIL’s Extended Drain Intervals mean that you can drive longer between oil changes.
    • In normal gasoline engines, AMSOIL’s recommended extended drain interval of 25,000 miles or 1 year when using AMSOIL oil and filters means that you can eliminate 7 out of every 8 oil changes.  Of course this assumes that you are currently changing your oil at 3,000 mile intervals as recommended by most petroleum and many other synthetic based motor oils.  Save the cost of 7 oil changes a year, use AMSOIL!
      Here’s a conservative example of typical savings.
    • Also eliminating 7 of 8 oil changes gives you back the time spent for those changes.  You’ll get back on average of 7 hours of your valuable time each year. Time is our most valuable commodity because we can’t manufacture it and we never know how much we have left.  How would you rather spend your time -- getting your oil changed or doing something else more fulfilling to you and your family?  Or if you’re a company, get a minimum of 7 more hours of service from your vehicles.  Let’s face it, if your vehicles are in the shop, they’re costing you money not making you money.
    • So, switch to AMSOIL and get the time you’d normally spend with oil changes back.
  3. Vehicles and equipment lasts longer!  Reduced friction means less wear and less wear means that that your equipment and vehicles last longer.  Being able to use your vehicles and equipment longer means that they deliver more value for the money that you spent to acquire them.  Some call this ROI (Return on Investment), so increase your ROI by using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants!

While we’re on the topic of money, please consider this:  ExxonMobil announced record earnings of more than $36 BILLION for 2006.  That’s the most PROFIT, ever recorded by any corporation regardless of industry!  They achieved these record profits while charging you and me $3 a gallon for gasoline!  They try to justify high gasoline prices by saying that they are due to the high price of a barrel of oil!  Common sense tells us that higher component costs for a manufacturer of a product does not lead to increased profits for that manufacturer UNLESS they are raising their prices far more than the amount necessary to just offset their increased component costs.  If you’re using ANY ExxonMobil product, you’ve made their enormous profits possible.  I hope they at least sent you a “thank you” card, because you made it possible!  I didn’t get one.  But then that’s probably because I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PURCHASE THEIR PRODUCTS

ExxonMobil is also America’s largest corporate supporter of terrorism through their purchase of Middle Eastern Oil!  As the world’s largest oil company, they are the largest purchaser of Middle Eastern oil which finances terrorism!  Click here to read more on how you can stop supporting terrorism through your oil purchases!

Regardless of whether you ever use an AMSOIL product or not, PLEASE STOP BUYING ExxonMobil PRODUCTS!  They are the world’s largest oil company and they set the price of a gallon of gasoline in America.  The ONLY way to compel them to set a more fair price for gasoline is to stop purchasing their products until they lower those prices to a more reasonable level.





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