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AMSOIL makes all this possible!

AMSOIL-America’s Oil Since 1972!

AMSOIL’s full line of synthetic motor oils, gear lubes, greases, ATF and other lubricants are available for applications as diverse as cars, light trucks, heavy trucks, 2-cycle engines, ATVs, boats, compressors, diesel engines, Harley-Davidson® and other motorcycles, high performance racing engines and transmissions, marine applications, motocross, 2-cycle and 4-cycle motorcycles, snocross, snowmobile, supercross, as well as a myriad of industrial, commercial and farm equipment, etc. where additional horsepower, fuel economy, extended drain intervals and equipment longevity are desired.

AMSOIL’s Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) based products contain NO FOREIGN OIL.  Using AMSOIL lowers our dependence on foreign oil giving us all a way to FIGHT TERRORISM while at the same time doing what's right for the environment and, oh yeah by the way, saving us all a lot of money!

The goal of,  the web site of William L. (Bill) Johnson, T-1 Certified Independent AMSOIL Dealer #537451, is simple -- to provide you with useful information about AMSOIL’s full line of money saving, terror fighting, environmentally friendly synthetic lubricants and other products.

I selected the name for this web site because AMSOIL truly is a “Super Oil.”  There is no better value in lubricants than that provided by AMSOIL, period.  While an aggressive claim, that claim has been, and continues to be, proven over and over again by independent lab testing using industry standard testing methodologies.

But, don’t take my word for it, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has validated that claim by awarding AMSOIL with a “Registered Trademark” for the phrase “The First In Synthetics”.

A.J. Amatuzio, founder and CEO of AMSOIL announced that the phrase "The First in Synthetics" is now a part of the AMSOIL registered trademark.  No other oil company in the world can now claim this.

Mr. Amatuzio explained how this all came to be.  AMSOIL Inc. applied to have "The First in Synthetics" registered and was told that he must prove to the Trademark Officials, with documentation, that AMSOIL Inc. was the first, historically.  They also said by claiming to be “first” he must also mean that AMSOIL is the best in quality and performance.

So Mr. Amatuzio had to convince them that AMSOIL had better products than any other oil company in the world. AMSOIL began to present comparison documentation and test results backing up the claim that AMSOIL hands down was and is the best.  The trademark officials accepted the documentation to allow AMSOIL to use "First" in part of their trademark.

However, the process was not yet complete.  The trademark officials were required to notify all other oil manufacturers that would be impacted by the decision, so they would have the right to object before the decision could be deemed official.  They were all notified in writing and given 90 days to voice their opinions, object, or comment. After 90 days not one manufacturer in the entire world responded.

AMSOIL not only convinced the trademark office that AMSOIL was the first historically, but also convinced them that AMSOIL is the first in quality, and performance and still no other competitor objected!

I’ve always been told that “Silence is a sign of agreement”.  Since not a single AMSOIL competitor objected, that seems to indicate that they all agree that AMSOIL is the best.

Don’t you think that any competitor that could have objected would have objected?

The bottom line is that AMSOIL products outperform competitive products in every product segment for which AMSOIL provides a solution.  And it can and has been proven not just to folks like you and me through our personal experiences with the products, but also to the United States Patent and Trademark Office with actual hard facts from independent lab testing!

AMSOIL has been providing these outstanding products for over 30 years, since their introduction of the VERY FIRST API-rated synthetic motor oil for automotive use in 1972.  A.J. Amatuzio and AMSOIL literally created the automotive, motorcycle, boating and industrial synthetic lubricants industries.  Al Amatuzio's induction to the Lubricants World Hall of Fame is a testament to that fact.  With a 20-year head start over competitive products, AMSOIL continues to develop and provide the world’s best synthetics lubricants.

AMSOIL, The First In Synthetics®, has been America’s Oil since 1972!!  It was the First in Synthetics® and remains the Best In Synthetics!  AMSOIL is in Wikipedia (The Internet Encyclopedia)!! Click here to see the Wikipedia article on AMSOIL! Please be sure to return here from Wikipedia (You can just click the  “Back” button on your browser once you’re finished reviewing the article).  Or, if you decide to go to the AMSOIL Corporate Site from Wikipedia, please make a note of my Dealer/ZO# 537451 and enter it on any orders that you place so that I will get credit for your visit and order with AMSOIL, I would really appreciate it.

For those of you who use synthetic lubricants from competitors like Mobil, Castrol, Pennzoil, etc.  you’ve made a great decision to use synthetics.  But, why aren’t you using the BEST In Synthetics?  AMSOIL is the Best In Synthetics--independent laboratory tests prove it time and again!

At this site, you will learn about AMSOIL products, how to begin using them, as well as how you can easily start your own profitable AMSOIL business!

In addition to all of the great AMSOIL products, also available to AMSOIL customers and dealers are the highest quality products from Donaldson Filters, Mothers® Auto Appearance Products, NGK Spark Plugs and Wires, TRICO Wiper Blades, Twin Air and WIX Filters.

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